A-Z of Summer: Follow my leader

Form a line, one standing behind the other. 

The first person in the line is the leader and starts walking. After about five paces the next person starts walking, then the next and so on. 

If the leader decides to start marching or striding slowly or walking with their hands up in the air or out to the side, then the next person in line should do the same, all the way back to the last.

Other things to try as the leader are hopping, wiggling your bottom, clapping, jumping or striding.  You could even think of a song to sing that everyone else can follow.

Change what you do every twenty paces to keep it interesting and when the leader has had enough the next person in the line can take over and the leader goes to the back.

Top tip:

If you can play on a gentle slope it can lead to some hilarious mix-ups

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Whatever you choose to do enjoy the scent of summer with Vax and Heart.