A-Z of Summer: Ladybird Garden

These are really good fun to make but can be a bit fiddly.  Be prepared to get earthy fingers, and to give up one or two flowers from the garden.

Find a flattish container – a seed tray is perfect if you have one, otherwise a container with low sides like a serving dish or a shallow sided cardboard box, will do.  Or if you really can’t find anything at all then you could clear a little area of the ground and put some sticks to mark out the boundary fence, or stones to make a wall.

Fill your container with earth from the garden or sand from the sandpit and pat it down smoothly.  Use small stones to make a winding path, some leaves and flowers to make bushes and plants; if your lawn has lots of daisies and buttercups these are great to use.  See if you can make a tree out of a twig with some leaves on, or use a bit of moss to look like foliage.

One of the best features of the ladybird garden is a pond, made from a pot or lid sunk into the soil, line with tin foil and then fill with a little water, add a petal or two to make it look like water lilies.

Make some garden furniture, a piece of bark makes a great bench or table and snail shells make fantastic chairs.

Make sure you check which leaves you are ok to pick, some could be poisonous or have stingers.

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Whatever you choose to do enjoy the scent of summer with Vax and Heart.