Choosing a gym

If you're choosing the gym route to better fitness, take a bit of time thinking about what's best for you, physically and financially.

Draw up a wish-list of what you feel you need from a gym and any course it runs. Here are just a few pointers to what to look for...

  • Choose a gym that's close by to either home or work. You'll be more easily put off by long commutes, and it may even be worth paying slightly more for the convenience.
  • Make sure you pay for what you need. Don't sign up to lots of extras in terms of equipment you may never use. Just go for the no-frills package to start with.
  • Take a look round the gym before signing up if you can. Does it look clean and well-maintained? Reputable gyms will not tolerate dirty changing rooms or dodgy equipment.
  • Check on the qualifications of the staff. Taking instruction from people who are not qualified to give it could potentially be damaging.
  • Do you get a free taster session on the use of the equipment? Make sure the gym has the correct facilities to suit your needs.