NHS Bristol

Responsible for NHS health services in Bristol. Their aim is to improve the health of people in Bristol and provide the healthcare they need.

They cover a population of around 420,000 and have a budget of over £700 million.

They work with patients, carers, local people and clinical experts to plan, fund and monitor hospitals, GP surgeries, dental surgeries, pharmacies, opticians, community services (supplied by Bristol Community Health).

NHS Bristol aims to:

• be the most successful Primary Care Trust at improving health
• be the most successful at improving the health of the most disadvantaged
• provide a comprehensive range of health services which deliver world-class outcomes for the local population
• ensure a consistently high-quality patient experience
• provide services locally.

NHS Bristol is a teaching PCT and offers education and training to all our staff.

Find them:
NHS Bristol
South Plaza,
Marlborough Street,
Bristol BS1 3NX

Tel: 0117 976 6600

Find out more and visit the NHS Bristol website