Get Fit For 2014


'Diet Guru' Paris Troy from Heart Breakfast dishes out his hottest keep-fit tips for the year ahead... 



Let's start with the basics - If you have a pizza, a kebab, or any other form of fast food - drinking a Diet Coke with it completely cancels out any calories.

 Diet coke can


Licking the delicious spoon whilst baking is essential to make sure everything tastes OK. If it's just a taster, does it really even make the journey to your stomach?

 Licking Baking Spoon



If you break a biscuit up into smaller portions and eat it, it will also shrink the amount of calories consumed.



A snack at the cinema doesn't count - it's part of the all round 'movie-package'.




Another tummy-toning tip is to eat something when no one's watching - did you really even eat it?




Eating something whilst standing up is proven to go straight through your belly and to your feet.

 Man eating a burger



If you're ill, it's essential to have certain foods and drinks for medicinal purposes. A few well known cures include pie, hot chocolate and cheese cake.

 hot chocolate



And finally... Eat by colour. If you eat pistachio ice cream - don't worry, it's the same colour as spinach.

Pistachio Ice Cream