7 Reasons to Love Somerset Carnivals

30 October 2017, 16:00

Somerset Carnival Bridgwater Float

The West Country has good reason to go crazy about Somerset's incredible carnival season...

1. It's a 400-year-old tradition.

Somerset Carnival Old Photo


2. The Heart Angels will be out in full force!

 Somerset Carnival Angels (500 X 400)


3. Food. Cider. Enough said.



4. Something about crowding outside on a cold evening just gets you in the Christmas spirit…

Somerset Carnival Christmas Float (500x300


5. Somerset’s sheer dedication- thousands of hours go into each float to make every year bigger and better.

Somerset Carnival Workshop (500x300)


6. West End level performances, with all the bells and whistles, for none of the price!

Somerset Carnival Grease Float (500x300)


7. Tens of thousands of lights, miles of electrical cable and hundreds of moving parts go into making this a truly awesome spectacle!

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