Paulina's letter to Kate

Paulina is writing a letter to Kate with some home truths ahead of the birth of the royal baby.

Paulina from Heart Breakfast has had three children of her own and is offering up that wealth of experience to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, ahead of the birth of her second royal baby.

Keep listening to Heart to hear how she gets on with more letters and read the letters so far below…


Dear Kate,

I know that it’s all very exciting at the moment, your still beautiful and blooming with a gorgeous child already. But a second child is different, my Aunty told me that it was easy like riding a bike. What a load of old tosh!

So, Kate after having had three kids I thought I’d give you some realistic advice.


It’s been two years since you first, George, so when your labour starts for the second time that’s when you realise that mother nature is actually very cruel. She’s made you forget how bad it gets. 

So, you now remember how bad it gets and as labour progresses you’ll remember it was like passing a pineapple for the first time well second time around it’s like passing a pineapple for the second time.

Two Hours in you’ll want start screaming and swearing, go for it girl the midwives have heard it all before. You go girl don’t hold back.


Dear Kate,

You are now officially overdue & probably feeling like a Barrage Balloon. You probably haven’t seen your feet in a while either! So, here’s a few tips to make your labour start...

You could always try a jog around the block, failing that Caster oil and few table spoons of that could get you started. Of course, a good old curry could also work, may I suggest a vindaloo? Lots of people swear by eating pineapple to set it all off, that never worked for me though. Plus you’d have to eat loads!

If none of the above work for you Kate how about a bumpy car ride? You could also borrow one of the queens carriages they always look really bumpy.

Anyway either way, good Luck Kate.

Paulina x


Dear Kate,
You are now officially over due and probably feel like a barrage balloon, and haven't seen your feet for a while We've all been there!! So,here's a few tips to get that labour started...
You could always try a quick jog around the block. Failing that,think about an Indian meal may I suggest a lamb vindaloo? That should do the trick if not apparently eating lots of pineapple does the trick. That never worked for me though.
But Kate if all else fails a bumpy car ride will do it maybe you ask the queen if you can borrow one of her coaches, bet they are very bumpy.
Good luck Kate
Paulina x