Radio Tinder

Ed, Troy and Paulina from Heart Breakfast turn Cupid to help you find the perfect partner.

If you're unlucky in love; Ed, Troy and Paulina have the perfect solution to help…their version of Speed Dating, on the radio and it's called Radio Tinder. 

Now, that might sound a little daunting but it can't be worse than turning up to a first date knowing you have to sit there for hours despite not liking the person. In a world where we are always struggling for time it calls for drastic measures to help achieve the relationship we deserve.

Here's how it works; We'll have a pool of hundreds of singletons looking for love. We'll select people that might match and include them in a round of speed dating on the radio. They will then have the chance to suggest someone they might like to meet up with, although if they don't feel that anyone is the match they can walk away to fight for another day. If two singletons would like to meet up we'll arrange a safe meet up, provide a tasty meal (and maybe some wine to help ease the nerves) and even pay for the lot. 

Have a listen to Lisa playing!

Wondering how Lisa's date went? Listen below!

Register below to take part in Radio Tinder and take the first step to finding the perfect partner. Everything will be kept confidential and only a select few members of the team will know your real name.