Cambridgeshire: Local Election Results

4 May 2012, 06:35

181 councils held local elections last night (Thursday 3rd May). Here are the results for Cambridge and Peterborough.


Liberal Democrats lose overall control.

  • Liberal Democrats - 21 seats
  • Labour - 19 seats
  • Conservatives - 1 seat
  • Independent - 1 seat
Overall turnout - 32%.

Julian Huppert, the city's Lib Dem MP, said he believed national issues "played a far greater part in the result than they should'' because of aggressive Labour campaigning."

"We have tried to stick to local issues and put forward some really strong local policies. But Labour have played very strongly on national issues and, other than policies on dog poo and multiple occupancy homes, haven't put forward anything constructive."

"I do get the sense on the street that people are disappointed with the Lib Dems nationally."


No change with Conservatives maintaining control.

  • Conservatives - 32 seats
  • Labour - 11 seats
  • Independents - 7 seats
  • Liberal Democrats - 4 seats.
  • Liberal Party - 3 seats

Overall turnout - 31%.