Gareth's Fun Pics

Take a dive into Gareth's mind and see what made him laugh out loud this week.

Sometimes Gareth can have some very strange thoughts - but they make us all smile!

Check out some of Gareth's latest musings in the pictures below...

gareth at desk outside

The best way to work this summer!


Gareth playing game

I always play the banker at monopoly, and sneak the occasional bonus to myself...


eddie the dog

Look how much my dog Eddie has grown


gaz picture

I had a dream that Bob Geldof came to fit my carpets.. that's normal


gaz picture

Making my kids earn their chocolate eggs this year


gaz picture

Getting my toddler's shoes on is one of the most complicated things I've ever had to do


memesMy dog Eddie always knows when I'm grabbing a snack



memesCheer up guys it's almost time for Friday feet up



memesEddie has been doing some thinking about the situation at home



So I found out the proper way to eat cupcakes




Confusion as the news of Madonna's BRIT's performance reaches France



memesNews about the launch of the apple watch, I've got mine sorted



memesHow often do you see this face?



I have the best technique for finding my cats at home