Gareth's Summer Mocktails


Gareth is getting ready for the summer with his handy guide on how to make some delicious Mocktails.

Gareth went down to Revolution in Cambridge to learn some tricks of the trade when it comes to a tasty and refreshing treat this summer. 

So Gareth has been learning all about Mocktails.

A Mocktail is a non-alcoholic cocktail, and we were all surprised at what a huge variety of drinks you can make. 

Check out some of Gareth's favourite Mocktails:

Strawberry Nojito

1 x Squeezed Lime Wedge

1/2 Shot x Lime Juice

2 x Spoons Of Sugar

1 Shot x Strawberry Puree

10-12 Mint Leaves

Soda Water

Asian Spritzer

1/2 Shot x Lime Juice

1 Shot x Elderflower Cordial

2 Shots x Apple Juice

Ginger Beer

Blue Virgin

1 Shot x Blackberry Puree

1/2 Shot x Lemon Juice

2 Shots x Pomegranate Juice



1/2 Shot x Grenadine Syrup

1/2 Shot x Passion Fruit Juice

Pineapple Juice

Heart Breaker

1/2 Shot x Strawberry Puree

1/2 Shot x Grenadine Syrup

Top with Redbull

Thanks to Revolution Cambridge

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