Children Injured At Fireworks Display

A Christmas festival in Dorset almost ended in disaster last night, after some fireworks ended up exploding in the crowd.

A Christmas festival in Dorset almost ended in disaster last night, after some fireworks ended up exploding in the crowd.

It happened at the Yule Tide festival in Blandford last night.

So far, reports suggest about four people were treated for minor burns, and we've been told at least one child got hit in the eye.

Dorset Police tell us no one was seriously hurt but they've launched a joint investigation with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Dorset Trading Standards after being called to the scene at around 9pm Wednesday night. (14th December)

A spokesperson said: "Although most of the fireworks discharged into the wall a small number, believed to be five or six, actually discharged towards a group of spectators."

Amateur mobile phone footage posted on Facebook showed fireworks from the display in Market Square exploding behind a row of shops before several shoot over the buildings towards spectators and explode in mid-air.

One woman can be heard saying, "Jesus, I'm a bit scared now,'' when the first firework explodes before another comes over and explodes, prompting people to flee in panic.

Suzanne Patrick was there - she posted on facebook today: 

'still shaking from the bad fireworks display...its shocking/my friends children got hit and so did a few others/it was like a massacre scene'

Sonja Bennett posted: 'i was terrified&we were-luckily- outside the electrical glad we didnt move closer,feel sorry for everyone who was inline with it all!!!'

Abbey Claire Withers posted: 'shocking isnt the word guys, my kids all got hit and myself lucky we arent burnt but very shaken up i must say'

Another post on facebook by Adam Gonthier read: 

'On the box the fireworks came in, it said to stand it up straight. But they started to fly out the sides of the box instead, So was most likely a Manufacturing error.'

The Blandford Forum People community website reported that rockets had been launched into the crowd.

"The display, which was being launched from the roof of the building next to the Corn Exchange, started off small with murmers (sic) of bemusement from the crowd as underwhelming fireworks failed to make it more than a few metres off the roof.

"Bemusement soon turned to fear however, as the rockets began falling from the roof and bouncing off the market stalls below, before exploding just above the heads of the townspeople who had assembled to watch.

"Thankfully the display was halted and police quickly moved the crowd away from the danger zone.

"After a short delay, during which the fireworks launch board was moved further back, the display continued safely."

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