Luton's Best Awards 2017

12 September 2017, 09:34

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Heart is proud to support 'The Luton's Best Awards 2017', recognising unsung heroes in the Luton community! Once again we will be honouring the outstanding achievements of many of Luton's individuals, groups and organisations at a glittering awards evening at The Luton Hoo Hotel on Friday, November 24th 2017.

'The Luton's Best Awards' are a way of recognising the unsung heroes who willingly give up their time to help others and contribute to our community. And we want YOU to tell us about the people you know who deserve to be recognised. You can nominate them here, and shortlisted nominees will be invited to the glittering awards evening at The Luton Hoo Hotel on Friday, November 24th 2017.




Categories and Criteria


Young Achiever Award - This award will seek to recognise an outstanding effort and levels of achievement by a young person aged 20 or under, either in their school lives, work lives, in a sporting context or within the wider community.

Adult Achiever Award - This award will seek to recognise an individual over the age of 21 who continues to achieve great things at work, in their profession, through arts and culture, in the field of education, sport, or a hobby or pastime.

Service with a Smile Award - This award is looking for an individual or team employed either in the public, private or voluntary sector that goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service. Their effort and enthusiasm should have a positive effect on its customers and the business/organisation.

Community Company of the Year Award - This award is looking for nominations of organisations either commercial or not for profit who are based in the town and can demonstrate their support and commitment to the local community.

Child of Courage Award - Judges will seek to recognise any young person up to the age of 18 who has put themselves in danger to help or save the life of another or has battled against the odds and has overcome adversity in their personal life or made a stand to improve the lot of themselves or others.

Lifetime Achievement Award - To recognise an individual whose achievements have been far-reaching in the community. Examples can include a volunteer who has given up their time for many years, a local carer, a business person who has given many years to improving the lives of people in Luton.

Care in the Community Award - This award is for an individual or group from either a professional or voluntary capacity. Those eligible include relatives (including children), friends, doctors, nurses or care workers who care for someone or a group of people. We are looking for an individual or group who have really gone that extra mile to care for our most vulnerable often showing incredible patience and understanding.  Judges are looking for those who have cared for others sometimes over many years without giving thought to themselves. 

Community Project of the Year Award - Judges will be looking to recognise a community based or environmental project which has been initiated by local authorities, charities, community groups, schools or others. The project must demonstrate a tangible community benefit, whether it be the establishment of a new service or a substantial improvement to previously available facilities and services.    The project should have been completed within the last 18 to 24 months.

Keeping Luton Safe Award - The judges will be looking for individual members of the public or groups who have put themselves at risk and acted with bravery and courage to help save the life or protect the well being of another. This could include tackling crime, disorder or anti social behaviour.  Another example could include individuals or groups which have made a positive community contribution in terms of improving the environment they live or work which improves the safety of others.

Environmental Achievement Award - An award to an individual or organisation demonstrating a commitment to enhancing and protecting our environment or a heritage site, introducing environmentally sustainable products or services and, in doing so, make a contribution to Luton’s environment or conservation areas. Examples could include an environmental community project; a school initiative involving children and parents or improving a conservation area to kick-start regeneration.

Best Volunteer Award - This award will recognise a volunteer(s) of any age who has made an outstanding contribution through giving up their own time to volunteer to help others, charities or initiatives across the town.  We ask that entries are for individuals still active in their role but you can list all activities they have taken part in prior to 2016/2017.

Community Businessperson of the Year Award - An individual of any age working for an organisation or studying in the town who has shown a commitment and involvement with the local community and can demonstrate excellence in business which in turn enhances the image of the business community and Luton, locally or on a wider scale or someone who has provided superior service to business and the community as a whole.

Best Fundraiser Award - This award will recognise a tireless charity fundraiser(s) of any age who has made an outstanding contribution either through their fundraising initiatives, voluntary work or other support.  We ask that entries are for individuals still active in their role but you can list all activities they have taken part in prior to 2016/2017.

Luton in Harmony Award - An individual or organisation who has proactively promoted community cohesion and celebrated diversity in the town through their initiatives which have helped to improve the public image of Luton.

Lutonian of the Year Award - To recognise an individual or organisation's outstanding achievements in promoting Luton as a town to be proud of. The  judges will be looking for examples of how the work has helped to gain positive local and national media coverage for the town and where their work has significantly contributed to the overall positive image to visitors and those living outside of their town as well as significantly improving the lives of local people.  Specific examples could be given to those who have made a valuable contribution to the Love Luton campaign or the Luton Investment Framework.

Leisure and Culture Award - The judges will be looking to award an individual or organisation which has excelled and inspired either as a professional or amateur in the areas of sport, arts, leisure, culture and heritage. The individual or organisation will need to demonstrate the support, commitment and success they have provided to the development and promotion of these areas within the boundaries of Luton.

Sporting Inspiration Award - We are looking for an individual over the age of 18 who is a true sporting inspiration who has either excelled at their sport and/or helped others and is a positive role model. The entry should include: 

  • A sports man or woman who has excelled in their chosen sport. Rankings and achievements made during the eligibility period must be given.
  • Have demonstrated considerable commitment.
  • Are an inspiration and positive role model to others.
  • Have used their achievements and experiences to make a positive impact on their community and/or club.
  • Special qualities that set them apart from others. 

Outstanding Teacher Award - The Teaching Award provides a unique opportunity for us to celebrate those who, tirelessly and often selflessly, dedicate their lives to securing a future for the next generation. The judges are looking for entries from students, parents and peers across Luton who feel their teacher deserves to be thanked and rewarded for their contributions. The person will still need to be teaching within the years 2016/2017.

Luton’s Most Outstanding Citizen for 2017 Award - This award seeks to recognise an outstanding citizen of any age group or walk of life who has shown loyalty and support to the town, or promoted and enhanced our reputation locally and nationally. For example this person could be a member of the business community, sporting, or community sector, anyone who has benefited the people of Luton, this could be in a professional capacity, volunteering or local charity work. It could be a neighbour a relative or anyone who, in your view, typifies the very best of Luton. This will be a highly contested award that seeks to recognise Luton’s Most Outstanding Citizen in 2017.