Lauren Layfield

Former wannabe actress turned news hound

Lauren Layfield - Broadcast Journalist

For someone who talks as much as Lauren does, becoming a radio journalist was perhaps the best idea she's ever had.

Where are you from? Royal Leamington Spa. It's not as posh as the name suggests.

What were you doing before? I was a wannabe actress, darrrrling, studying Drama...until I realised I wasn't very good and was wasting a lot of time pretending to be a tree & doing interpretive dance.

Best part of the job? Chatting to so many different, interesting people everyday, getting to go to loads of posh do's for free and saying you've met Ricky Gervais because of your job!
Moment you'd most like to forget? How long have you got?

Three words that describe you? Absolutely ruddy brilliant.

What advice would you give to anyone hoping to get started in journalism? Put it this way: in 2010 alone I did 17 weeks of work experience for 6 different radio & TV stations, ALL FOR FREE.

Dream interview? David Attenborough. The first and only broadcaster to be recognised by BAFTA for his work in Black & White, Colour, HD and 3D. That's some career!

If I wasn't a news reporter I'd be? An international rockstar. Probably.

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