Police Target Drivers Using Phones

Drivers who text and talk behind the wheel will be targeted this week as police in Norfolk and Suffolk take part in a national campaign.

Roads policing officers from both counties will be carrying out additional patrols to target people using mobile phones as part of a campaign led by the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC). 

The campaign, which runs until Sunday 29 May, will see officers carrying out increased patrols of key routes across the county.

In Suffolk the following fixed penalty notices have been issued for driving while using a mobile phone;

2014 - 1425 

2013 - 1712 

2012 - 2763 

2011 - 2650 


In Norfolk the following fixed penalty notices have been issued for driving while using a mobile phone;

2014 - 714 

2013 - 1121 

2012 - 1660 

2011 - 2016 


Chief Inspector Kris Barnard, head of Norfolk and Suffolk Roads Policing Unit, said: "It's encouraging to see a reduction in figures and while I accept statistics do not provide the full picture, I believe increased awareness has played a part in this. 

"We work closely with our partners within Suffolk Roadsafe and a lot of work has been done to educate drivers about the 'fatal four' - and by this we mean the key contributing factors behind serious and fatal collisions - using a mobile phone is one of them. This, combined with increased enforcement campaigns by police, means drivers are more aware of the dangers and consequences of using it.  

"Clearly there's still too many drivers taking risks by using a phone behind the wheel - no message or call is so important that you could end up killing someone, killing yourself or going to prison for and our pro-active patrols will targeting those drivers this week."                  


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