East Anglian Sausage Flat

Dave & Heidi's East Anglian Sausage Flat


Dave & Heidi's East Anglian Sausage Flat

Dave and Heid were a bit miffed that some areas of the UK have their own regional food product. There's Devon Clotted Cream, The Cornish Pasty, Bakewell Tarts and the Yorkshire Pudding, but there's nothing for East Anglia.

So Dave and Heidi got their heads together and invented a product just for us in the East to be proud of,  so we proudly present  "The East Anglian Sausage Flat" Flat bits of pastry with Sausage meat in, they're a bit like Sausage Rolls, but easy to hold, and Flat..like East Anglia.

The East Anglian Sausage Flat was born. In just three days The East Anglia sausage Flat went from a dream to a product on bakery shelves in Norfolk and Suffolk selling thousands.

 Have a listen to the "East Anglian Sausage Flat" story

Listen to the launch of the "East Anglian Sausage Flat" and the amazing new Jingle.