Heart Hospitality Box - Norwich City vs Ipswich Town

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Heart Hospitality Box for the Norwich City vs Ipswich Town game - Online Auction Terms & Conditions


1.     Definitions and Introduction

1.1  In these terms and conditions the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings (and, where applicable in these terms and conditions, the singular shall include the plural):



The auction running on the Participating Radio Station(s) during the Term

“Auction Terms and Conditions”

These terms and conditions relating to the Auction

“Bid Period”

The period, as announced on-air and/or online, during which a Participant may bid for a particular item in an Auction through the Auction Line.

“Competition Terms and Conditions”

Global Charities competition terms and conditions which can be found at www.makesomenoise.com/terms-conditions/

eBay User Agreement

The terms and conditions of placing a bid on eBay which can be found at http://pages.ebay.co.uk/help/policies/user-agreement.html


The Auction Terms and Conditions together with the Competition Terms and Conditions and the eBay User Agreement

“Global Charities”

Global Charities of 30 Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7LA (registered charity 1091657 (England & Wales) and SC041475 (Scotland))


Something broadcast on the Participating Radio Station(s)

“Participant” or “you”

A person who participates in the Auction

“Participating Radio Station(s)”

Heart East Anglia


The dates and times set out in Clause 2.2 of these Conditions


www.makesomenoise.com or the website of any of the radio stations owned by Global Radio, Communicorpuk or Adventure Radio

1.1  These Auction Terms and Conditions together with the Competition Terms and Conditions (with the specific exception of clauses 2.3 and 2.4 of the Competition Terms and Conditions) and the eBay User Agreement shall apply to the Auction. Participation in any Auction shall be deemed an unconditional acceptance by you of these Conditions.

1.2  In the event that these Auction Terms and Conditions conflict with the Competition Terms and Conditions, the provisions of these Auction Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

1.3  References to “we”, “us” and “our” shall be to Global Charities and/or the Participating Radio Station(s).

2.     Auction

2.1  During the Term, details relating to the Auction will be broadcast on the Participating Radio Station(s).

2.2  The Bid Period for this auction will take place between 15th February 2017 at midday and 22nd February 2017 at midday.

2.3  During the Bid Period each Participant must go online to the Website from which they will be directed to place a bid through eBay.

2.4  Participants are required to have an eBay account in order to place a bid.

2.5  The highest Bid received during the Bid Period will be announced on air to the extent permissible. The highest genuine Bid received from any Participant at the end of the Bid Period will secure the item. Where a Bid is successful, the Participant will be contacted by the Participating Radio Station.

2.6  Full details of all Auctions will be available on the Website including any specific terms & conditions for each lot.

2.7  The offer of an Auction item on-air shall constitute an offer which will be deemed to be accepted by the highest bidder during the Bid Period.  

2.8  Participants must be 18 years of age or over.  We reserve the right to verify the eligibility of all entrants.

3.     Payment and delivery

3.1  Payment for an item must be by Paypal or debit or credit card.  The amount to be paid, having been deducted from or charged to the Participant’s Paypal account or debit or credit card, shall constitute consideration.  All Participants must ensure that, prior to placing a bid, they are able to pay for any item which they wish to bid for.

3.2  The items successfully bid for or purchased shall not pass on to the Participant until such time as payment for the item has been received by the Participating Radio Station.

3.3  Tickets will be available on the door at Carrow Road on the day of the game.

4.     Liability

4.1  All items offered for Auction shall be subject to availability and we shall not be liable for any claims, expenses, costs and/or any losses (including, but not limited to, loss of profits, indirect, pure economic and consequential losses or otherwise) or any damage (save for death or personal injury arising from negligence) suffered by any Participant.

4.2  All matters relating to the Auction shall be at our sole discretion.

4.3  Notwithstanding that a successful bid has been received, in the event that we discover that (i) the Participant was or should have been ineligible to make a bid for an item, or (ii) that the Participant should have been declared invalid for any other reason whatever (at our absolute discretion), we reserve the right to reject the bid. In such circumstances, we reserve the right to offer the prize to the second highest bidder.

5.      Prize

5.1   The successful bidder will win an opportunity for eight people to be in the Heart Hospitality Box for the Norwich City vs Ipswich Town game (scheduled for Sunday 26th February 2017 at 12pm).  There is no age restriction for the guests of the winning party, as long as there is at least one adult present. 

5.2    Heart East Anglia cannot be held responsible for the match being cancelled, postponed, or rearranged for another date or time.  In the event of this happening, Heart will endeavour to make the hospitality box available for the new date, but cannot offer a refund if the winning bidder cannot attend. 

5.3     The signed Norwich City football will be made available on the day, and will include signatures from some of Norwich’s first team

5.4     The light lunch will be a small basket meal, or a close alternative, and the choice of food is dependent on what is available on the day

5.5     Although Heart wants the winning bidder’s party to enjoy themselves and have fun in the hospitality box, we expect all members to behave in a socially acceptable way.  Anyone deemed to be acting in a way we consider to be unacceptable within the Heart Hospitality box will be removed along with the entire party at our discretion.

5.6      Travel to / from and parking at Carrow Road are not included