Matchmake Your Unloved Items With Freegle

Moving Sofa

We've all heard of date matching sites, so how about a site dedicated to matching you with all of the items you've been searching for?

Freegle provides a free online service to list unwanted goods, and then works some matchmaking magic and finds a new home for unloved stuff.

The saying goes "One man's stuff is another man's gold" so why not join your local group online at to see what other people are giving away?

You can re-home other people's items or post ‘offers’ of goods you’d like to get rid of too. There's something good about watching your inbox light up with requests to re-home your unwanted stuff.

There are 15 Freegle groups operating across Essex with a huge range of items offered and taken every day. 

The most common items are furniture,  sofas, beds, wardrobes, general household items and white goods - so if you're in the middle of a house move or having a broken washing machine nightmare, it's a good place to start! They also see a lot of bikes and baby/child clothing and toys.

Not only is it free and easy to use, Freegle takes away the hassle of having to take your unwanted items to a Recycling Centre or arranging a special collection. Why not give it a go?

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