Braintree MP Admits Taking Drugs At University

2 November 2015, 07:38

James Cleverly MP by Ian West PA Archive PA Images

The MP for Braintree has admitted to looking at online pornography, harbouring leadership ambitions and taking drugs.

In a radio interview, James Cleverly frankly replied "yes'' when asked whether he had looked at porn on the internet and whether he had taken illegal drugs.

Mr Cleverly went on: "I had a little dabble with marijuana at university.''

Asked if he inhaled, he went on: "Of course, that's the point, to paraphrase Obama.

"I don't recommend it, it's a waste of money, waste of time and just not very good for your future prospects.''

Mr Cleverly, who only entered Parliament after May's general election, then revealed he wants to take over from the Prime Minister when he stands down from the Tory leadership.

Asked who should be next Conservative leader, Mr Cleverly said: ``Me. I'm going to do the Nicky Morgan defence on this one, I think it's called the Nicky Morgan defence.''

Mr Cleverly even revealed he was last sick from drinking during his time in the Army Reserve, which he left around ten years ago.

He said: "Now that was a very, very long time ago actually.

"I think it was either at university ... no, it was in the Army.''

Later the 46-year-old MP tweeted in his defence: "Shorter headline for you. 'James Cleverly was once 20'.''