Su's Diary

Monday 26th July 2010

Dear diary

Are you ever given anything you have absolutely no idea what to do with. My friend gave me some beetroot that had come from her dads allotment and when she handed it over I thought ok what do I do with it now. I’ll be honest I thought you just peeled it, sliced it and ate it.

Good job she said “boil it for about an hour” or I would have been eating raw beetroot, the only beetroot I usually eat it out of a jar. If we looked I bet there's a few things that we have no idea what to do with.

Night night diary


Sunday 25th July 2010

Dear diary

Is there a law about when you can have a bonfire in your back garden. I have been cutting a tree down over the last few weekends and the branches and piling up, so my boyfriend Sinclair said we should burn them  and he went out and brought one of those metal bins with a lid.

It was then that we had a discussion about when you can burn stuff, what are the rules, is it certain days because I thought you could do it all the time, anytime.

We couldn’t agree so we didn’t do it in the end.

Night night diary


Thursday 22nd July 2010

Dear diary

Is a change as good as a rest? Well if it is, does changing your colour count? I was watching some TV yesterday and saw an ad for home hair colouring and then today when my daughter Lily and I were in Tesco she said why don’t you dye your hair mum just for a change. It was strange; I had been considering it but was a bit scared about having a completely different look.

The packet says lasts up to six weeks, so should I or shouldn’t I.

Night night diary


Wednesday 21st July 2010

Dear diary

I’m all for showing my appreciation for something but I think some people go a bit over the top. I popped into the gift shop in Hockley today to get a card for my daughter Lily’s teacher and I got chatting to the lady that owns the shop. She was having a great time selling loads of gifts and mentioned that not only were mums doing collections they were also buying something separate because the kids wanted to give their teacher something.

What a load of rubbish, its not the kids, it’s the mums wanting to show off, if theirs a collection then that’s it nothing else.

Night night diary


Monday 19th July 2010

Dear diary,

Surely once you’ve been invited to something the person who has invited you can’t change their mind, can they. We should be going to a wedding soon, we were invited to the whole wedding, including the ceremony, the sit down reception and the evening do, but today we were told by a relative of the couple that because of the numbers we were now only invited to the evening part.

How strange, surely you work out the numbers before you send out the invites, I think it’s a bit rude.

Night night diary


Sunday 18th July 2010

Dear diary

I’m dreading being old if what happens is that you talk about nothing but buses.

My mum has been staying with us but has gone home today and I can not believe some of the inane rubbish she talks about.

One day she told me about the bus route from Southend to Hockley and how she got on the wrong bus that dropped her in Hockley instead of the end of the road. Really did I need to know this, the ins and outs of the buses?

Do they talk about these things because they don’t have anything else.

Night night diary

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