Let's Get Siri-us

Every morning on Heart Breakfast, Martin and Su put your questions to the cleverest person in the studio... Siri!

Have a listen below to some of the questions that Siri has already answered.

Lisa from Springfield need to know the specifics about 'holiday mode'.

Nina from Colchester actually got in a little bit of trouble for asking Siri her question.

Tanya from Stanway had a question that may help us all during our over indulgent festive season.

Janine from Hadleigh wanted to know why we all partake in a certain Christmas tradition.

Hannah from Black Notley had an important Christmas decorations question.

Emma, aged 15, from Southend and an important advent calendar related question to ask.

Tim from Black Motley need a Christmas debate he's been having in his house settled.

Barb from Kelvedon hates the cold except at one certain time and wonders why.

Will from Runwell asked a question that had an answer we all may find useful this winter!

Janet from Tilbury wanted to know what she should do when playing games with her daughter.

James from Canvey had a question that may bring a tear to your eye.

Rachel from Southend decided it was time to be polite and ask Siri a question he probably hasn't been asked before.

Sarah from Westcliff is always left frustrated by delivery men and wanted to know why!

Henry from Felstead had a question that only a piece of technology could give the real answer too!

Lisa from Chelmsford was unsure whether or not to take part in her office secret Santa.

Aaron from Sandon had a question regarding that super moon we didn't see.

Treena from Althorne wanted to know the truth about I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

Stef from Grays questioned just how real the John Lewis Christmas advert is.

Rachel from Colchester wondered when the cold weather will really effect her.

Steve from Ingrave is beginning to panic about Christmas already.

Mike from always like to follow the rules but is unsure what he's meant to do about this one.

Helen from Shoebury had a question about other people that she was desperate to know the answer too!