This Year, Let's Hit Cancer Where It Hurts!

Ladies. It’s time to show cancer who’s in charge at Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life 2014.

Let’s face it. Cancer is a nasty piece of work. It will affect one in three of us. It will stroll into our lives and ruin everything without even flinching.

We will beat it though. We’ll wipe that smile off its stupid face. Cancer’s going down. And every single pound we raise pushes it closer to the floor.

That’s why we Race for Life. We take absolute delight in reminding cancer that we’re coming to get it.

Run, Walk, Dance, Sponsor at

Race for Life is the largest women-only fundraising event in the UK.

Every year it brings thousands of women together to help beat cancer by running, walking or dancing in 5k and 10k Races across the whole of the country.

Race for Life has made a huge impact on the work of Cancer Research UK. Every pound raised in sponsorship helps them continue their life-saving work.

Here on Heart, we're delighted to be supporting Race for Life for another year.

We'll have all the details of the Races for Life in your area on this website from Friday 17th January.