Dangerous Toy Guns Seized in Devon

Plastic machine guns with lazer sights twenty-times more powerful than permitted, have been discovered on sale in Devon shops.

The guns have been described by a Devon Trading Standards officer as the most dangerous toy he's come across in twenty years. He has personally activated the lazer and discovered it's tell-tale red dot  could be seen quarter of a mile away.

Forty of the toys, selling for around £10, have been discovered in shops and markets in Teignmouth and Dawlish.  But DTS officer Peter Green fears they're being sold right across the county.

They've been made in China and have the CE mark on them. They need three AA batteries to be activated.

Officers are on the look out for the toys, ready to confiscate any they find.  They want to track down the distributor as soon as possible.

Mr Green tells us more CLICK HERE

If you've bought one of the guns for your child please phone 08454 040506