Local Elections Results In Herts, Beds, Bucks and Northants

6 May 2016, 07:13

Results from local council elections are making their way in this morning.

Daventry District Council remains Conservative led with Lab gain 1, Con lose 1. Council is Con 8, Lab 3, LD 1

Milton Keynes Council (Unitary) still has no overall control despite LD gain 1, Lab lose 1. New council Con 22, Lab 21, LD 13, Vacant 1.

North Hertfordshire District Council hasn't declared yet.

St Albans City & District Council has remained Conservative with Tory and LD gain 1 each, LAB and Ind lose 1 each. New council Con 31, LD 17, Lab 7, Ind 2, Green 1.

Stevenage Borough Council has remained in Labour's control despite Con gain 1 Lab lose 1. New council Lab 29, Con 7, LD 3.

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council has remained Conservative despite a boundary change and LD up 3, Lab up 1, Ind down 3, C down 1. New council C 28, Lab 15, LD 5.

Three Rivers District Council hasn't declared yet.

Watford Borough Council hasn't declared yet.