What your dance moves say about you!

The way men move on the dance-floor reveals a lot about their personality. A study by Northumbria University has identified six distinct moves. Check out the moves below and what they say about you, then watch the video of Stuart Miles from Heart Breakfast and Matt Jarvis from Heart Drive-time actually performing all the moves together!

  • Washing Windows

Large comedy actions such as this signal that a man isn't really interested in attracting a women (perhaps because he is already married) and may have low self confidence. Rehearsed comedy moves are usually unattractive to women as they find men most appealing when they are dancing naturally.

  • Shadow Boxing

Suggests an alpha-male type who likes to be in charge. For men, dancing has two functions and this fulfils both. This move creates space for men telling other blokes "I'm the top man here" and secondly it gets women to watch them.

  • Robot

Hints at a geeky side and risks looking as though a person is trying too hard. It's a fun move but anything that is choreographed almost becomes a bit too rehearsed and smacks of having been practised in the mirror first and learn't!

  • Crotch Grab

Sexy dancing can signify that a man thinks he is more sexy than he actually is. Singers do it well because they are trained and have complete control over their bodies, but without this it can look awkward, clumsy and naff.

  • David Brent

Large dance moves signify high self confidence but also suggest a man thinks he is cooler than he actually is. They are trying to dominate other men and win attention. Such moves are attractive in men aged 20-35 over this they are unappealing dad-dancing.

  • Wiggle

Though not the coolest move, if done in time to the music this shows a man is very comfortable with himself. He has a healthy sense of humour and doesn't need to make a big scene. As men get older, smaller controlled movements are deemed more attractive than OTT actions.


Now, check out this video of Stuart Miles from Heart Breakfast and Matt Jarvis from Heart Drive-time performing the moves themselves and tell us who you think looks the best on the dance-floor!



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