Live Your Horoscope with Ivan & Emma

3 January 2018, 14:34

Star sign Notes

Ivan didn't want to give up alcohol for January. He didn't want to give up food either. And he certainly didn't want to have one of Emma's Nutri-Bullet shakes every morning. So Ivan has decided to 'live by his horoscope' ... everyday throughout January'. 

Follow his journey here... 

Wednesday January 3rd

"The full moon is in your star sign to demolish doubts and end delays. Luck will see you alright when it comes to DIY! It was just 11 days ago that Mercury turned direct in your work sector and now Uranus turns direct in your career sector today. Want to meet new friends? belt out a line from your favourite musical in a crowded place and you’ll be surprised who joins in"!



Thursday January 4th

"Game changing Uranus resumes it’s forward motion after a 5 month rest, and since Uranus governs technology, use your social media to attract good luck vibes! Perhaps A frilly outfit, a daring neckline, something seductive to tell the cosmos you want it , and you want it bad. Cheekily be prepared to say YES to an attractive offer that could come any day".

Ivan Dress

Friday January 5th

The lucky numbers for Cancer this weekend are 3 and 6. This weekend your mood is both playful and dramatic. This may lead to some unplanned and unnecessary expenditure. You may also go for some beauty treatment. A thoughtful note or gesture will go the extra mile to make your partner swoon.


Monday January 8th

An idea you had at the beginning of the year is giving you doubts!! You're weathering the storm as a true Cancerian, using your shell and braving what life is throwing at you. Keep your chin up and find allies. 2018 Is the year of the earth Dog! To be one with the year, you need to be one with the dog, find one, make friends and howl together at the virgo moon.  



Tuesday January 9th

This Months moon is strong for you young Cancerian… But, being in control is on your mind more so than usual. Lately you’ve been resisting the push and pull of life, to the point where It feels like you're going a little crazy! It's time to take a step back and do two things. First, evaluate your fears. Second, get a blast of fresh air and do something invigorating.



Wednesday January 10th

It seems your ship is about to come in! At least, the planets seem to think so. Your years of cultivating business relationships will pay off in the form of increased sales or new business opportunities. It seems this success spills over into your personal life as well. Life on the home front has never been more serene. You are the conductor of this melodious symphony that is your life. So tap into your creative side tonight and reap the rewards?



Thursday January 11th

Trying new things often improves our quality of life. Europe lived without tomatoes until the 1500s when they were brought over. Consider opening up to new forms of relaxation in order to aid in your capacity to reflect on old patterns and welcome in the new. Stretch forward into 2018, put yourself in uncomfortable positions to maximise your potential in 2018.



Friday January 12th

Your sign is governed by the Moon, bringer of sensitivity. Often associated with femininity, the Moon has been both an image of the unattainable and a source of inspiration. The Moon makes you one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. Your masculine side gets expressed when you're working toward a goal, making progress, getting things done, and pushing forward. Your feminine side gets expressed when you move with the flow of life, embrace this side of you this weekend. A friend misses you.



Monday January 15th

The Moon that bought you extra femininity over the weekend is waning… Perhaps you spent the weekend in good company, but today you may be feeling more introspective than usual. Cancer is the nurturer of the zodiac and identifies strongly with themes of mothering, and you need to go with this wave to produce a good mind-set today. Stay close to home today if you can, and be sure to spend some time channelling maternal instincts and appreciate the solo pain and sacrifice mothers go through to create.



Tuesday January 16th

A Cancerian man is a sensitive soul. He is a man with the Sun in his sign, so love from his mother his family and his partner are always at the forefront of his thoughts. Because of this, he may seem weak! Today's energies ignite your spirit but may require a kick start to get going. You have the feeling that you can do anything you set your mind to, and what better time to turn up the heat on your love life and career. Spice up your love life with a bold and brave move , showing you, are the alpha male you really are!



Wednesday January 17th 

You will take a giant step up today. Don't be afraid to do so. Be bold and put yourself out there… the ground you are on is solid and trustworthy. You will be recognised and rewarded for your incredibly reliable nature, fabulous memory and performance skills! Sing it out loud and flaunt these qualities! Today's shape is a square. 


Thursday January 18th

Worry and fears have been on your mind lately, due to the lunar alignment of your sign. Cancerians are represented by the crab, and despite having a tough shell are sensitive and need to create balance. Today the trick is not to overthink things. The moon governs your sign AND the tides so you should ride the waves of life and worry less. 


Friday January 19th

You may have preferred not to acknowledge your own psychic abilities in the past, but today they could prove impossible to ignore. Cancerians rarely gamble since you wouldn't want to jeopardise your security as a rule. Let it be time to take that gamble and play with your nest eggs. Get a friend to help you. Abilities like this increase your understanding of others as well as yourself.



Monday January 22nd 

Friends know the traits of the Cancerian male show he is truly one of the best father figures around. With recent events out of your control you have lost touch with this side of yourself. If you’re single, it’s time to be introspective, If you’re  in a long term relationship it's a good day to work on all those things in your life that need a lot of attention, the things that haven't yet found a permanent place in your life.... Expect some changes to your sleeping patterns!