Stuart & Katy's Work Experience

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Stuart & Katy have been challenged to do work experience, and do some 'proper' jobs for a change! You suggested dozens of ideas, and offered work placements right across Herts, Beds, Bucks and Northants! Take a look at the videos below as they try their hand at being Teachers, Estate Agents, Dog Groomers and Celebrity Fashion Consultants!

Week 1 

Sean and Scott at Indigo Residential in Luton called us up, and challenged Stuart & Katy to do work experience with them. Their job was to sell a house in North Luton to Paul and Leanne, who are looking for a new home for themselves and their two children Charlie and Georgia. Check out the video below to see how they got on and who took a 1-0 lead in to week 2! To find out more about Indigo Residential, click here

Week 2 

Cori, the Head Teacher at Chantry Primary Academy in Luton called in week 2 to invite Stuart & Katy to do their work experience at her School in Lewsey Farm, Luton. She challenged Stuart and Katy to teach her Year 4 classes (8-9 yr olds) about values. They had a story to read (Five Minutes' Peace) and some questions to prompt discussion. Their value this month is Tolerance, but the story covered other related values in school such as respect and patience. Check out the video below to see how they got on and who won the week! To find out more about Chantry Primary Academy in Luton, click here


Week 3  

Lisa from Lisa's Posh Pets in Letchworth called up to invite Stuart & Katy to join her at her Salon to do some Dog Grooming and Pet Pampering! It's fair to say that Katy hates the smell of wet Dog, and is more of a confessed Cat person. Stuart meanwhile is right at home with Dogs... so is this a shoe in for Stuart (as a Dog Owner) or Katy who isn’t! Check out how they got on.... And if you'd like Stuart & Katy to come and do work experience with you, get in touch (below). 

Week 4

For week 4 of Stuart & Katy's work experience, they headed off to John Lewis in The Centre:MK Milton Keynes to become Fashion Advisors for the day. And we arranged for some special guests to arrive, ready to be 'advised'. Step up Joe Pasquale and his son Joe! Joe Pasquale was appearing in 'Spamalot' at the Milton Keynes Theatre, and popped across the road to get some fashion advice from the guys. But how did they get on? Check out the video below! Many thanks to everyone at John Lewis and The Milton Keynes Theatre. To see Joe Pasquale in 'Spamalot' click here and for more information on John Lewis and their fashion advice service, click here