Name the Baby Giraffe

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo are celebrating the birth of a Baby Giraffe, who is making her debut at the new Giraffe Heights exhibit! And we want YOU to come up with a name for her! ZSL Whipsnade Zoo have asked Heart listeners to come up with a name for the new baby girl, and if your suggestion is chosen, you could win an amazing Giraffe encounter, including zoo entry for the winner and up to three others, the chance to meet the new baby giraffe and her family, plus the chance to feed a Giraffe at the new Giraffe Heights exhibit!

The new Giraffe Heights exhibit includes a revamped barn and a nine foot high viewing platform which will bring you face-to-face with Whipsnade’s giraffes for the very first time. The platform will allow up to 300 people at a time to see more than ever before of the Zoo’s reticulated Giraffes, with views across the entire paddock and into the newly extended giraffe barn.

Daily talks on the viewing platform will give you an insight into the lives of the Zoo's tallest residents, revealing fun facts including why they have such long necks.

Whipsnade is now home to six reticulated giraffes – the baby giraffe, one-year-old Jengo, dad Uno, mum Savannah, Ijuma and Ina

 Baby Giraffe at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo