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The strangest lottery coincidence EVER!

Two TV presenters were visibly stunned in Canada - when a £1.5m lottery drawn live on air was won by one of their colleagues! Watch it here!

Wayne Rooney tries his hand at acting...

Is this the worst piece of acting ever?! Along with Patrice Evra and Ryan Giggs, Wayne Rooney has turned his hand to acting, in a new advert for wine...

 Actor falls asleep on the news..!

Legendary actor and singer Harry Belafonte closed his eyes for a lengthy period during a live satellite interview with Eyewitness News. Everyone thought he had passed away…But luckily he hadn't, he'd just fallen asleep..!

Was the interview really that boring or had he had a late night?!

Award Shows gone wrong..!

During the  2011 BET Awards broadcast, a fan was allowed to name the winner of a BET Award and appeared to accidentally name the wrong winner. 

Cringe, cringe, cringe!


Webcam for Seniors..!

Have you tried to encourage your parents to embrace new technology?! Revel in this adorable old couple having an endearing confrontation with technology..!

Funny Spelling Bee Fail...

We’ll be touring local primary schools with our Heart Breakfast Spelling Bee and then getting the winners of each school on air..!

We just hope this doesn’t happen…This is the National US Spelling Bee winner Evan, being interviewed on CNN…

David Beckham Goes Undercover

Ellen DeGeneres' got David Beckham to dress up as a department store employee and try to get shoppers to buy his new Homme fragrance. 

ecks pretended to be an Australian called Ricky, and he even went as far as to spray the cologne on his leg for a customer to sniff because, as he explained: "It smells so much better." 

SO funny, fair play, Becks! 

The Coca Cola Trumpet!

Introducing, the Coca Cola trumpet, the latest musical craze!

Invented by a local man in Ciudad Juarez, he actually makes an authentic brassy sound from the coke bottle!

Maybe the "trumpet" player and the vuvuzela should start a band?

Madonna rejects fans flowers!

It's not easy picking flowers for a lady, especially when they're a pop superstar-turned-film director.

When Madonna was presented with an attractive purple bloom on stage at the Venice Film Festival press conference she politely thanked the man, before whispering what she really thought to someone nearby. "I absolutely loathe hydrangeas"

"He obviously doesn't know that," she added.

How rude! Poor man!

The most passionate weatherman ever!

Is this weatherman just passionate about her job or being ridiculously over the top? You decide...! 

The most entertaining Flight Attendant EVER!

American flight attendant David Holmes has developed a novel way of ensuring passengers pay attention during the pre-flight safety announcement - he delivers it as a rap!

We wish we were on that flight!

The Katy Perry Wannabe

Let's face it: More often that not, the bus is boring.

Sometimes a cheery rendition of Katy Perry's "California Gurls" at 8:00 a.m. is all you need to brighten your day.

We've all wanted to rock out to our favorite tune at one time or another, but many of us don't have the courage to do it like this Discman-wielding champ.

For that, sir, we applaud you..!

When comedy moments happen in real life..!

Australia’s Channel Seven News recently covered the sacking of Melbourne Demons AFL coach Dean Bailey… not that interesting we hear you say… but what about if we told you they did it by sending reporter Amy Parks to AAMI Park..!

Now we just need someone called Kings Holme to report from Kingsholm Stadium!


Funny Pastor

South America's Pastor Joe Nelms takes takes the car racing event in his town VERY seriously..! Listen to the Pre-race prayer at the Nascar Nationwide series race in Nashville over the weekend...

...Pretty funny..!



Choking weatherman!

Hate getting a bug stuck in your throat? See what happens when it occurs live on air!

An NBC17 weatherman named Wes Hohenstein accidentally swallowed a moth live on air. 

He tried to look professional and not swat the insect away as he delivered his report on live TV… unfortunately he ended up swallowing the bug instead!


Silliest Song Ever!

Masterchef hosts John Torode and Gregg Wallace have become pop hits after a fan turned their soundbites into a techno track.

MasterChef Synesthesia, with Gregg chanting "I like the buttery biscuit base", is at No37!

Careful though, we've had this stuck in our head all day!


The Worst American Infomercial ever! 

Check out this...The worst American infomercial yet...!
Its so bad we want one! Watch it below and judge for yourself!





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