Heart Breakfast gets all festive

Here on Heart Breakfast, Warren has been getting in the mood for Christmas by writing his letter to Santa and getting updates from Barry the Elf in Lapland. 

You can listen to Warren's rather demanding letter to Santa here: 

Warren's letter to Santa

Also on the show, Warren has been lucky enough to speak to one of the Elves in Santa's grotto in lapland, and has been hearing about what a tough job they have out there at this time of year. You can listen back to Barry the ELf here:

Barry the Elf - Part 1

Barry the Elf - Part 2

Did you know that Santa's elves often find it hard to make friends and meet other Elves? Well, an elf hotline has been set up to help Santa's little helpers make new friends! 

The Elf Chat Hotline

And finally, with all the stress of Christmas Elves really do find this time of year pretty hard, so don't just sit back and do nothing, help an Elf out this year. 

Help an Elf this Christmas