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Every week they deal with a huge range of emergencies, from car crashes to water rescues. Fires are just one part of the job they do in Kent today. But they are still a real threat to people's safety - once they start they are hard to stop, and the smoke is lethal.

It's not the same smoke from bonfires or cigarettes. It's full of things like cyanide gas and acids, which form when plastic and metal burn.

A smoke alarm is the best protection you can have and even if you're asleep, it should wake you and give you a vital opportunity to escape. But if you heard your smoke alarm in your home and then discovered a fire, what would you do?

While it's natural to want to protect your family and possessions by stopping the fire, the first thing to do is make people safe. Get everyone outside and call 999.

It's not the flames that are the biggest risk, it's that poisonous smoke, which can knock you unconscious in three breaths.

They can help protect you from these dangers.

For free advice, products and services, call Kent Fire and Rescue Service today on freephone 0800 923 7000 or visit

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