Heart Breakfast 28th May - 1st June

Find out what Neil Kefford got up to on Heart Breakfast in the run up to the jubilee - the week of the 28th of May - 1st of June!

What we learnt on the show...

Friday 1st June

We learnt that Kent’s most patriotic throne room is in Faversham

You have to see this – the final of Pimp My Throne! Beth and Abbie in Faversham won and got a visit from Neil and the Pimp My Throne Team.

See more at the Pimp My Throne page !
We learnt that you can get fit by waving a flag

Waving the Union Jack will burn 137 calories an hour apparently this will help those bingo wings, research is telling us that waving flags at the Diamond Jubilee,  Euro 2012, the Torch Relay and London 2012 to name a few will help you get fit burning off 137 calories the equivalent to a single serving of Coronation chicken!

And we learnt that The Queen doesn’t own any London pubs

This was the final ever 'Jubilee've it or not?' and The Breakfast Nan was on form with her facts…she said That the Queen owns a number of London pubs. Jubilee've it? Here's our Nan with the answer

Jubilee've it or not? Friday's answer...

Whatever you're up to have a fantastic Diamond Jubilee weekend – James and Charlie will be back waking you up Wednesday from 6am!

Thursday 31st May

We learnt that Beth from Faversham will have her throne pimped

To celebrate the Diamond Jubilee weekend, Neil set up Pimp My Throne…thank you for all your throne room pictures – there could only be one winner though, and this is the moment they found out…

Pimp My Throne - The Winner...

And find out tomorrow how the Pimp My Throne team get on!
We learnt that Bruno Mars helped a couple to marry

Bruno's hit Marry You was used in a very special way… watch how and read all of the other weird news stories here .
And we learnt that the Queen didn’t meet Alice  

If you can't get hold of HM The Queen… you call The Breakfast Show Nan! She was back this morning giving you a fact about The Queen… but Jubliee've it or not?

Thursday's Jubilee've it or not?

It's false – as it was rumoured that The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland was loosely based on Queen Victoria!


Wednesday 30th May

We learnt about Neil’s scary music box

Neil brought his son a music box – but he's not happy with it, he thinks the music is out of tune and may end up traumatising poor Baby Kefford…what do you reckon?

We learnt not to use green paint

Well you can on your walls and stuff but not on yourself…one man did…read what happened to him at the Claire's Weird News page .
And we learnt that the queen sat for a hologram portrait

It was today's 'Jubilee've it or not!' with the lovely Breakfast Show Nan and this is absolutely true!…

Neil's Creepy Music Box

Tuesday 29th May

We learnt that you can feel like you are sitting on the throne

In this very special week we want to make you feel like royalty! All you need is a mobile phone and the smallest room in your house... your throne room... find out all about Pimp My Throne here !
We learnt that women smell better

Have you got a good sense of smell?

The news today is that ladies have got a better sense of smell than fellas, although Neil isn't sure that’s true. He said he's got a great sense of smell, apparently this morning he could smell that there was someone in Dover having a fry-up!
And we learnt that corgis are not guard dogs

The Queen's biggest fan The Breakfast Show Nan was back for another round of Jubilee've it of not? - is this fact about HM The Queen correct..

Tuesday's Jubilee've it or not?

It is actually false – they're rubbish guard dogs. She got one for her 18th birthday and had many descendants of that one since.


Monday 28th May

We learnt that the no brainer was short

Neil got your grey matter working for a Monday morning and asked as Neil's No Brainer – Which word becomes shorter when you add 2 letters to it?

It is of course, 'Short'!

We learnt about the £650 omelette

Yep, we're guessing if you had eggs this morning for breakfast – they wouldn't have been that expensive, check out Claire's Weird News and read all about the worlds most expensive omelette!
And we learnt that Queen's fan club has been around longer than The Queen’s

All this week we're counting down to the big long weekend, all because of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee – now we're excited but not as excited as The lovely Breakfast Show Nan! She's so excited that she's made a little game up called Jubilee've it or not? Each morning she gives us some facts about the Queen and you have to tell us if Jubilee've it…or not!

Here's today's…

Monday's Jubilee've it or not?

It's false – The band Queen's official fan club holds this title! - More tomorrow just after 8.

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