The Range Terms and Conditions

The Range Winning Whirlwind Promotion on Heart Kent in December 2016.


  1. The following rules (“Rules”) together with Global Radio’s ("Global Radio") general and competition terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) (which can be found at apply to ‘The Range Winning Whirlwind Promotion” radio competition ("the Competition") which will run from 09.00 am to 12.00pm on Friday 2nd December on Heart Kent.
  2. Anyone who enters the Competition (an “Entrant”) will be deemed to have understood these Rules along with the Terms and Conditions and will be bound by them.  The Terms and Conditions are available on request from the Radio Station.

Details of the Competition:

  1. To enter the Competition an Entrant must

Go to the location described on-air by the presenter.  Entry will open at 09:00am on Friday 2nd December and close at 12:00pm.

  1. Entrants have 15 seconds in the Wind Tunnel to collect as many paper hearts as possible within that 15 seconds. These will be counted and verified by the Heart Angels. At 12.00pm the wind tunnel will be closed. The entrant with the highest score will be the overall winner.
  2. The winner will picked off site at Heart FM. The winner is the entrant with the highest number of paper hearts collected in the wind tunnel. The winner will be contacted by Heart FM after the promotion.


  1. Entrants must be a minimum age of 18 years to enter. Entrants can nominate another person to go into the whirlwind and collect the hearts on their behalf. All entrants and nominated people can only go into the whirlwind once.
  2. Entry is restricted to one entry per person; duplicate entries will be removed.

8.1.  Only one person at a time can be in the Winning Whirlwind.

8.2.  Heart reserves the right to ask you to remove any clothing that might be used to store prize vouchers called “hearts” (i.e. clothing with pockets, zip-up tops)

8.3.  The process for taking part is as follows:

8.3.1.     You must remove your shoes when entering the Winning Whirlwind and wear the protective eyewear provided

8.3.2.     Stand in the Winning Whirlwind with your back to the blower

8.3.3.      You have 15 seconds to grab in your hands as many Hearts as you can;

8.3.4.      You must NOT block the blower or pick any Hearts off of the inside of the chamber walls or floor, doing so will result in immediate disqualification;

8.3.5.      You must not place “hearts” upon your person or clothes i.e. pockets, inside top etc doing so will result in immediate disqualification;

7.3.7 At the end of the 15 seconds the Heart Angels will ask you to empty the contents of your hands into a bucket and this will be the number of “hearts” you have scored;


  1. The winner will receive £250 to spend at “The Range” Tunbridge. Heart FM reserve the right to change/alter the prize at their discretion. Heart FM’s decision is final.