A,B,C Beauty Creams Decoded

BB, CC and now DD! But what do these moisturiser/foundation hybrids actually do? We give you the lowdown on these popular beauty creams.

From BB beautifiers and CC creams to the lesser known DD liquids, we bust the beauty myths and give you a masterclass in alphabet products…


What is it?
BB cream, known on the inside as beauty balm, is a gorgeous combination of skincare products and blemish-correcting make-up. Think foundation and moisturiser in one.

Why do we love it?
With a super-light texture that's packed full of skincare antioxidants, light-reflecting elements and SPF, it's a liquid you need in your life – trust us. Your skin will look luminous and light with a natural even finish.

When do I use it?
Forget heavy foundations and dusty powders, for a fresh face that lets your pretty freckles show through, snap up this beauty wonder. It triples up as a moisturiser, primer, plus a foundation and it eradicates that nasty caked-on complexion.


What is it?
CC cream is the beauty queen of colour correction. It's just as light as a BB cream but its main mission is to tone down red blotches, dark circles and even out skin tones.

Why do we love it?
Similarly to BB cream it's full of enriching ingredients that'll make your face happy. Along with vitamin C and E, the tone-perfecter combats sallowness with light-diffusing particles meaning the skin benefits keep on coming.

When do I use it?
Do you suffer from a dull complexion in the morning? Hello CC cream! Is a mild case of rosacea ruining your morning mirror routine? It's your go-to product once again. Adult acne? See it disappear. CC cream somehow magics its light formula into an erase paste.


What is it?
The "Dynamic Do-All" is the latest alphabet lotion to hit the high-street. Take BB cream and CC cream, throw them together, add some anti-ageing ingredients and voilá! You have yourself a de-wrinkling DD cream.

Why do we love it?
It's taken all the best bits from its BB and CC predecessors, plus it focuses on fighting lines. We're pretty much convinced it's a super cream! According to beauty insiders, if you use the do-all in your daily routine you'll see a rapid improvement in your skin.

When do I use it?
Every day! Incorporate DD cream into you skincare regime and you'll be boasting a more plump and youthful complexion soon enough.

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