Beauty Tips for Pregnant Women

We've got baby fever ever since Wills and Kate announced they are starting a family. Founder of skincare brand Mama Mio, Tanya Kazeminy-Mackay, tells Heart Beauty her top ten tips for a peaceful pregnancy.

1. Rest

Remember that being tired when you are pregnant is not like being tired before you were pregnant. Before you could always find the extra reserve to push yourself, but when you are out of energy when you are pregnant. That is it. You have no reserve. Give in to that and put yourself in a chair with your feet up and enjoy!

2. Rub

Take good care of your skin - grab your Mama Mio Tummy Rub of choice and make the whole ritual of rubbing in your stretch mark protection a pleasure. In the beginning you are rubbing to protect your skin, but as your bump grows your baby will fill your hands and it is a beautiful time to dream, and bond and think of names and experience the wonder of creation.

Mama Mio Tummy Rub Butter say NO to stretch marks 
3. Rant

You have a free pass to have at least four tantrums in a pregnancy. So be sure to use them and have a blast behaving like a 2-year-old (soon enough you will be on the receiving end of 2-year tantrums!). But no more than four if you can help it - or it may become a bad habit.
4. Accept

When someone offers to carry something, or do something for you, give you a seat, give you a lift..... just accept graciously, it is such an unusual experience and should definitely be enjoyed to the fullest.
5. Flaunt

Your boobs will never ever look this good again – embrace them.  Wear low cut tops (way lower than your norm but for goodness sake don't ever cross the Jordan line, such a bad look!) and love your luscious look.
6. Speak

This is the time in your life to talk to strangers.... Aren't people so lovely to you when you are pregnant? Taking the risk to tell you look amazing, or asking how pregnant you are or generally just engaging with you in a way we are so unused to in our busy don't talk to anyone society. It is quite surprising and absolutely wonderful.


Tanya Kazeminy-Mackay, Mama Mio Founder
7. Dance

Your baby might as well learn about rhythm now - and you will love it and it is so good for your body, strength and flexibility.
8. Vitality

Don't treat yourself like you’re sick - you are actually at the peak of health. So live life to the fullest.
9. Shut Up

If someone tries to tell you a story about their awful birthing experience - just look them in the eyes and tell them to shut up. What is it about women that they want to scare you with their horror stories - what a horrible thing to do to someone who is pregnant. It is such bad behaviour and you owe it to yourself, to the next woman who would have to hear their stupid story and to all the pregnant women in the world to say. No, shut up, I don't want to hear you frighten me - it is just plain wrong!
10. Spa

Pregnancy is a magical time - but quite physically and psychologically stressful - the perfect time to check out of reality and check into the spa! Our Mama's Touch programme is in about 300 gorgeous spas around the world and there is bound to be one near you for a totally safe and totally specific perfect pregnancy pampering treatment.