Celebrity hair trends

There is no denying that Amelle, Rhianna and Sarah Harding look stunning with their undercut, but a partly-shaved head is not for everybody and stars like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Kelly Brook still prefer a classic long-haired style.

We are as curious as ever and would like to know what you think is the best style for the summer: punk or California gurl?

Short and shaved

A short, shaved hairstyle may not be for everybody, but it will certainly get you noticed.
"The undercut has been around as a technique for years but it really kicked off when Rhianna first tried it out" says Errol Douglas' Art Director and Gok Wan's How To Look Good Naked resident hairstylist Jamie Stevens. "It spread quickly, with celebrities like the Saturday’s Frankie making it more wearable. It can be quite a harsh style statement but can also be softened up - it all depends on how the rest of the hair is cut. The undercut is very versatile and can be cut to suit most face shapes but I would say it’s a no go for anyone over thirty - it’s a young and trendy style".

Timeless locks

For those who prefer a timeless do, long, flowing locks suit many. Whether it's a soft, wavy style like Kelly Brooke or Kate Beckinsale, or a sleek, straight do like Sandra Bullock, the key is to keep hair in good condition, "long hair can suit most women up to around fifty. You can adapt the style with layering and feathering to suit different face shapes. Long hair needs to be trimmed regularly at the hairdresser's to keep it looking healthy. To look after your hair at home, use a wide toothed comb or a tangle teaser to brush your hair. Be particularly careful with it when wet to avoid breakage."

Summer trends: cut and colour

Light hair is always on trend in summer according to Jamie, "Colour has definitely reflected the weather with most people wanting to go lighter. We have seen lots of bright and sunny blonds".

And if the undercut or the beach babe styles are not for you, don't despair.
"The bob is still huge" says the hairdresser "it is such a versatile haircut and can be adapted to suit anyone".