Your Perfume Will Last SO Much Longer If You Do This...

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There's nothing worst than running out of your favourite fragrance...

It's so frustrating when you spend all your money on an expensive designer perfume, only for it to run out after what seems like only a few sprays.

Thankfully, there IS a way to prevent this happening and keep you smelling fresher for longer and it's all down to the way you treat the perfume when you bring it home.

Mark Knitowski, the senior vice president of product development for Victoria’s Secret Beauty, told Byrdie that we should all be keeping our perfumes in our fridges to make sure they last as long as they possibly can.

He reveals: "The best way to keep your fragrance fresh is to store it in a cool, unlit space, like a refrigerator."

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Perfume in the fridge? Surely that's only for booze, you say. 

Well, apparently doing this simple step can make your perfume last for years. Weird right? But there is a science behind it.

Mark explains: "It can make the fragrance last up two years longer. Why? Because when fragrance is in heat and sunlight, it loses its intensity and impression due to heat’s ability to evaporate the fragrance character. The more you store the fragrance this way, the better."

Also, if you really can't bare to part with those bottles of wine to make extra room in the fridge for all your fragrances, you can achieve the same thing by wrapping your perfumes in tin-foil. 

Win, Win!