Exclusive: Pixiwoo Reveal Their Beauty Secrets

Heart Beauty caught up with Samantha Chapman - one half of YouTube sensations Pixiwoo with her sister Nicola Haste - to find out her top beauty tips, her favourite celebs to work with and quiz her on the girls' new magazine Two.

You've launched a new digital publication entitled Two. Why did you decide to create a magazine?

"We wanted to do a magazine that appealed to all the people who watched us on YouTube. A lot of those people are up-and-coming make-up artists and people that want to get into the industry. We also wanted to show who our inspirations are and showcase people to look out for. It's a great way to get people talking about fashion and make-up and photography."

Who inspired you to go into the beauty industry?

"Our aunt is a make-up artist and so from a young age we watched her do David Bowie and all these amazing huge celebrities. We thought it looked like a good idea - the glamorous thing to do. Our aunt helped us out. We assisted her and met people that way."

It must be great to work with you sister Nicola Haste?

"It's really excellent to be working with my sister. I think whoever you work with you are going to argue, that's just the way this business works. But when it's your sister or your family, you can have an argument and it's just forgotten about immediately. I don't think we argue much, although we have in the past, but now we just have discussions. If one of us is in a bad mood, you just know how to avoid them and you just read their mood. It's much easier than being in a partnership with a friend or someone you don't have that closeness with. You can overlook how annoying they are."



Who are your favourite celebrities to work with?

"Jessie J... and we worked with Alesha Dixon the other day. We weren't doing her make-up but we were at a launch. She is so nice, so fun, so down to earth, really warm. We can't give her enough love."

Do you prefer catwalk, editorial or working on your own videos?

"I like to go backstage at fashion week and film it, but I'm not so keen on doing the make-up there anymore. It's such a stressful environment and i like a quiet life. I really like doing shooting beautiful make-up in a non-pressured environment We love doing our videos now."

Did you ever expect to become so popular with your YouTube channel Pixiwoo?

"We never planned it, but those are probably the best ideas when it's unplanned. We still don't have expectations on our success. We just do what we like doing. We knew we wanted to do a magazine, we had the resources and so it seemed like an obvious fun thing to do. We try not to get too carried away with it really."



How does beauty - doing your hair, applying make-up or using skincare - make you feel?

"It appeals to Nic and me as it affects your confidence and personality. I walked to work this morning - I have a new fringe and I think I slept on it last night - and it was absolutely mental this morning. I had no make-up on as I got up late. I didn't want to make eye contact with people. It's not because they might judge me. It's because I don't feel comfortable. I don't really care what other people think, but I care what I think.

"If you've got your make-up on, and your hair done it makes a huge difference to how you feel. That's the feedback that we get from a lot of people online. It's nice for them to have the option.

"A few years ago there wasn't this access to make-artists or information and so you would see people the same make-up that they had been wearing - and making the same mistakes - since they were 15. Now they have the option to look like Cheryl Cole or Angelina Jolie or whatever. You can change your make-up every day if you feel like it."



What are your favourite beauty products?

"I'm a big fan of the cheaper mascaras. I like Revlon's Grow Luscious mascara, I like Avon's Spectralash, I like Topshop's mascara and i like the Accessorize mascara, which is available from Superdrug. Every one of those mascaras is probably under eight quid. But I use expensive foundation. I save the money on mascara and spend it on foundation. I love Nars Sheer Glow, Clinique's range and I love Becca Luminous Skin."