Expert hair advice and tips

Expert hair advice and tips

Hair expert Andrew Barn answers your haircare questions.

Q. I have medium brown hair and have just put a dark brown colour all over it, however it looks black. Is there anyway that I can lighten my hair without having to go to a hairdresser?

A It is very difficult to lighten hair at home, especially when you’ve already coloured it darker. It is a MUST to seek professional help, go to a hairdressers to get a full colour correction consultation before you colour further.

Q. I have very long hair (roughly elbow length) and because I don't have time to dry it, after washing it I often let it dry naturally whilst sleeping on it. However this means the ends go rather frizzy in the morning. Is there anything simple I can use to stop the ends going frizzy without blow-drying it?

A. Use a form of leave in conditioner for example Shu Uemura Satin Design or Bumble and Bumble Creme Styler. Coat lengths and gentle twist into a bun before bed. In the morning hair should be almost dry ready for styling and frizz free.

Q. Can you list your top 5 London salons?

A.They are:-

  • Urban Retreat, Harrods
  • U.R Beautiful, Kingston
  • Lee Stafford, Soho
  • Daniel Galvin, Mayfair
  • Percy and Reed, W1

Q. I’m currently trying to grow my hair from a bob but am getting bored of the in-between style so thought I might get a fringe cut in? Can you suggest a fringe which will suit a round face?

A. Anybody can have a fringe as long as it is tailored to your face shape and profile. A long, soft, sweepy fringe is best suited to a round face, anything to bold or short would emphasis width.

Q. What's a really good shampoo and conditioner for dyed hair?

A. Shu Uemura & Kerastase are my favourite brands for any hair type. Always treat yourself to a mask once a week too, it will help condition and nourish dry and damaged hair.

Q. I recently visited the hairdresser to have my all over colour and highlights done. They have applied a rather dark brunette base as an all over colour and straight bleach as the highlights, meaning that I have strands of bright blonde/orange in the top two layers of my hair. It looks ridiculous as there is no relationship between the two colours! What I actually wanted was an all over bronzed look, similar to Jennifer Aniston. Is there anything I can do at home to rectify this?

A. First and foremost seek professional help. A stylist will give you a colour corrective consultation, consulting the history or previous colour processes. To achieve Jennifer Aniston’s look tones of warm brown, soft blondes and caramels would be used to create a gentle highlight and lowlight blend.

Before any colour process you must be skin tested before any colour application. Always follow manufactures instruction.

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