Five Things Your Tanner Wants You To Know

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Ever wondered what your spray tanner is thinking? Celeb tanning expert Jules Heptonstall shares the salon secrets to avoid any future tan-trums…

Understanding how your spray tanner thinks will help you both out – so you don't end up nicknamed Ross from Friends. St.Tropez Tanning & Skin Finishing Expert Jules Heptonstall (with the likes of Millie Mackintosh and Sienna Miller as loyal clients) gives us his top tips to avoid any future tan-trums…

Scrub Up Well

If you want a longest lasting tan (that’s not patchy) prep your skin with a good scrub a dub dub before your appointment.

“Exfoliate your whole body and perform any hair removal at least 24 hours prior to tan application”, says Jules. “Remove deodorant, make up, don’t moisturise your body and ensure your skin is oil free.”

Use Your Tan-Tuition

You wouldn’t let someone loose on your hair without knowing what they’re like first, so why should it be any different with your tanner?! If you don’t want to end up looking like you’ve rolled around in Wotsits, do your research first.

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Jules says: “Going into a rogue salon is risky business. Ask friends or colleagues to recommend where a good spray tanning salon is. There are wonderful spray tanners out there so it’s worth hunting them down. There are also some dodgy formulas out there so choose a tanning mist that has a good reputation, like St. Tropez.”

They're NOT Judging Your Body

Granted, so the idea of stripping butt-naked in front of a complete stranger so they can spray your entire body with a cold brown liquid can understandably be a bit daunting but spray tanners have seen it all.

"Trust me folks, spray tanners have seen it all before!" says Jules. "We have enough on our plates listening to what you need and making YOU feel comfortable to notice any lumps or bump on your body. And there’s usually four or five more clients after you – so time is of the essence. Paper pants, no pants – we really don’t care!"

Dress For The Occasion

For a guarantee that your tan won’t stain or streak - See more at:
For a guarantee that your tan won’t stain or streak - See more at:
For a guarantee that your tan won’t stain or streak - See more at: shirts, skinny jeans, complicated lace up shoes – NO. Think loose maxi dresses, jump suits, birkenstock sandals.

Going for a spray tan is really not the best moment to bring out the bodycon dress, OK?

Jules insists: "For a guarantee that your tan won't stain or streak, the answer is loose dark clothes. I repeat, loose dark clothes! Anything from white shirts to skinny jeans and complicated lace up shoes are a big NO. Think maxi dresses, jump suits and birkenstock sandals."

It’s All In The Details

From giving you a hair net or turban (to protect your locks) to patting down excess tan, an experienced tanner will know it's all in the little details.

Your fairy tan-mother Jules says: "At the end of your tan, your spray tanner should wipe your nails, palms and if they’re really good – buff moisturiser up your inner arms to give the tan a more natural look. They should leave you feeling elated, happy and of course – perfectly streak free and golden."