Great Father's Day gifts

Stuck for inspiration on what pressie to get for Father’s Day this weekend?

Try the following for starters – excellent ‘man-tastic’ gifts guaranteed to make his life easier:

  • Molton Brown Recharge Black Pepper Body Wash – super stimulating, this fiery little number does more than clean: it stimulates the circulation, clears a thick head (useful after a heavy night) and wakes you up, fast, as part of a morning shower.  £17.50,
  • Clinique Happy For Men Cologne Spray – a cool, crisp, citrus hit, perfect for summer and very uplifting.  Give it with a little tip from Heart FM’s beauty editor to use over moisturiser after shaving: the stinging might feel manly but putting cologne or after shave directly onto just-shaved skin only irritates it.  £29,
  • Elemis Men Daily Moisture Boost – tired of the men in your life stealing your face cream?  It’s one of their more annoying traits – especially then they swear they don’t do it.  Give him this instead.  It moisturises and soothes just shaved skin and it doesn’t make it shiny or sticky.  £27.50,
  • Aramis Lab Series Electric Shave Solution – designed to give the best surface for electric shaving, this simple gel revolutionises a shaving routine by creating a smooth, protective layer over skin.  It’s minty fresh and contains skin-conditioning vitamin E.  £19, 0800 342 566.
  • Tangle Teezer – as seen on BBC’s Dragon’s Den, this is a bit quirky but men love it as much as women.  It’s a glorified hair comb/brush and it’s brilliant at de-tangling just-washed hair without damaging hair or pulling it out.  £10.49,
  • Headblade Headlube Moisturising Lotion Matte – this is a brilliant product, the only one of its kind, it moisturises the scalp and keeps it matt, so if the man in your life is getting short on top, this stops revealed skin shining like a beacon and protects it from the sun.  £8.96,

Father's Day Gifts