Bobbi Brown releases seventh book, Pretty Powerful

Bobbi Brown has written a new book filled with a collection of beauty stories to inspire confidence in all women.

For Pretty Powerful: Beauty Stories To Inspire Confidence, Bobbi has delved into the personal lives of women and how their emotions influence their beauty routines.

The release - the seventh for the veteran make-up artist - goes beyond simply discussing cosmetics and techniques.

She explains: "Over the years I've worked with countless women who have inspired me with their stories.

"Beyond make-up, we've talked about life-altering events; everything from the joy of being a new mom to dealing with homelessness and divorce.

"With each conversation, these women have shown that when you have the will and the heart, almost anything is possible - and that's what Pretty Powerful is about.

"With this book I wanted to share some truly motivating stories, plus amazing transformations from real women, celebrities and athletes. I hope they will inspire others as much as they have inspired me.

Talking about how this book differs from other beauty books, Bobbi continues: "Pretty Powerful is a new kind of make-up guide that starts with who you are, rather than how you look.

"The book is about conversations and transformations with more than 70 incredible women. It also includes my top make-up tips and tricks and personal stories to help women be their best, most authentic selves."

Pretty Powerful: Beauty Stories To Inspire Confidence, is out now priced £15.99

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful