Five Things Your Hairdresser Wants You To Know

Bride wars hair blue Kate Hudson

Ever wondered what your hairdresser is thinking? We share the salon secrets to avoid any future hair mares…

Remember Hair-tiquette

Be respectful of the time of your appointment and don’t make a habit of running late. Likewise, if you cancel at the very last minute or are a no-show, that's lost money to your hairdresser and they can rarely fill that appointment with little or no notice.

Share Your Hairstory

Have you ever dyed your hair using a box colour? Or chopped your own locks before? Have you had extensions in the past? Maybe you have overly dry ends but really oily roots?

Your hairdresser isn’t a mind reader so sharing your hair history can help your stylist to better serve your needs and even recommend products that are better suited for you.

Be Realistic

You can’t go from jet black coloured locks to platinum blonde in one sitting without seriously damaging your hair.

Likewise, it’s frustrating when clients want healthier looking hair but are only willing to have an inch off of their four inch split ends. Hairdressers are already pretty much your therapists, since when were they magicians as well?

Let The Stylist Do Her Job

It’s hard to decide what’s worse: when a client tries to use ‘hairdressing’ terms (that they don’t understand) like "feathering" or "graduation" then hate it when you actually do what they’ve asked for – or when they invite their entire circle of family and friends along to criticise every move the stylist makes.

Leave the terminology and critique to the professionals because at the end of the day, you represent that salon so it’s in the hairdresser’s interest, as well as yours, for you to look good.

Bad Hair Day: The Worst Movie Barnets Of All Time

You Get What You Pay For

If you’ve found a cut and colour for ten quid then congrats – but good hairstylists aren’t cheap, and cheap hairstylists aren’t good (unless brassy blonde is what you were going for). And anyway, you’ll end up splurging more in the long run, having to get a professional to fix the mess of the amateur. Don't say we didn't warn you!