A Day In The Life Of Your Skin

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From spot-busting super-foods to tightening exfoliators, tweak your daily routine with our top secret tips and achieve the skin you’ve always wanted.

CLINIQUE Skin-Aiding Oils

Your day-to-day diet has a huge effect on your complexion, both helping and hindering your skin depending on what you take in. It may not be rocket science to steer clear of greasy take-aways and deep-fried snacks but there are some foods that have been proven to combat many complaints. Take troublesome issues such as eczema or psoriasis - oily fish, which has anti-inflammatory benefits - can help reduce redness and soreness, so stock up on mackerel and salmon the next time you hit the supermarket. 

The Food Facelift

No, we don’t mean smothering yourself with a fruity face-mask, we’re talking about one ingredient that can give the appearance of tighter, brighter skin - and that’s sulphur. Found in onions and garlic, the natural chemical strengthens the fibrous strands in your face, reducing wrinkles and sagging. If you bump up the levels in your body, you’ll have a more resilient and a more youthful looking complexion in no time.

Colour-Coded Cuisine

You may constantly be telling your children to “eat their greens” but there’s another colour-coded food group that actually has real health benefits too. From fruits such as mangoes and satsumas to vegetables including carrots and sweet potatoes, orange groceries are just as good for you. They contain beta-carotene - the pigment that makes these foods such a vibrant shade - which is converted into Vitamin A by our bodies. Up your intake and you’ll see a positive skin change pronto.

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Beauty Sleep 

One of life’s cheapest skin-perfecters is sleep. Why? Because your whole body goes into repair during those crucial 8 hours each night and if you don’t get enough, it shows. Skin sags, becomes dull and lifeless and those dark circles are more prominent than ever. So try and make time to rest up each night by switching off your phone, reading rather than turning on the television and let yourself naturally fall into an early night routine. It’ll work wonders, we promise.

Defining Your Type

Before you begin your skincare regime, it’s crucial to determine what type of skin you have. With a tissue, wipe your face when you wake. If it’s free from oil and your skin feels supple you’re most likely normal. If the paper is clean but your face feels tight and dry after you’ve wiped it, you’re probably dry. If there are large patches of oil, you suffer from greasy skin but sparse patches correlating to your t-zone could mean you’re combination. Seek advice before buying products to ensure you’re getting the right ones for you.

Exfoliation Essentials

If you’re not already exfoliating, you need to start now because this simple beauty treatment is one of the easiest ways to free your best, most beautiful skin. It not only removes dead cells which harbour dirt and cause break-outs but it also gets rid of the rough, dry patches that pile up and result in clogged pores. Don’t get scrub happy though or you could do some damage. Limit your exfoliation to once a week to achieve that desirable A-list glow. 

Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise

No matter how tempting it is to use your face wipes every night for a quick, make-up free fix, try and get into the daily routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising. The three-step process has been proven to rejuvenate your skin in every which way. Cleanser removes all of the impurities you come into contact with, toning tightens facial pores and prevents skin from toxins and bacteria and moisturiser keeps your complexion soft, supple and hydrated. Try an SPF cream for added protection.

Skin-Perfecting Products 

Spend some time working out what your skin is thirsty for. If you’re prone to dryness, try a rich night cream that will hydrate your face overnight. If bags and wrinkles are more of a worry, we suggest an eye oil or cream to target the specific area that concerns you. If it’s a quick refresh, invest in an enriching mist to give you an instant dewy boost. Whatever your complexion is craving, take note and stock up on some beauty buys to satisfy your skin. 

Make Way For Water

You’ve been told it time and time again but water really is a skin saviour. As well as flushing out all your body’s impurities, it removes toxins that can have a serious effect on your complexion. Without enough, these very toxins can build up and cause a multitude of health and skin issues. Two litres a day is ideal if you want to reap the benefits so top up that glass on your desk and gulp!