The Best of the Beauty Blogs

Each week Heart brings you the best of what our favourite beauty bloggers have been writing about.

On her blog Bonn Beauty Heart's Early Breakfast presenter Nicola Bonn blogs about her experience going to Sopwell House with her sister. Nicola says: "When my sister and I were kids we argued a lot! I honestly don't know how my parents put up with the constant shrieking and screaming ... Anyway, I'm pleased to say that now we are adults my sister and I have become best friends. Every year we celebrate our friendship by going away for the night as a joint birthday present."

Canadian blogger Essie Button - who has lived in London for two years - says she has found the perfect red lipstick from Tarte Cosmetics. Estée says: "I bought this while I was in Canada & since then I've had a chance to wear it quite a few times. WOW. I think this is possibly (dare I say it?) my favourite red lipstick." The 22-year-old later documents a recent trip to India and also goes through her favourite products in her latest Beauty Haul video.

The Nailasaurus tries out using PVA glue as a base for glittered nail varnish. It means that you can use sparkling lacquer to your heart's content without the difficult removal process. Australian blogger and manicure addict Pretty Purple Polish also demonstrates the process on her blog.

Fee from Makeup Savvy is reading 2008 book Lessons Of A Lipstick Queen by Poppy King. She says: "[It's] like no other book I have ever read. It is, of course, about the career of Poppy King and how she built up her lipstick empire, which is just so interesting. But it is also about developing your own ideas that can really turn into something great." Australian entrepreneur Poppy King started her own cosmetics company in 1991 and wrote about the process in the book.