8 Disney Makeup Looks You Can Totally Do At Home

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It's amazing what a bit of eyeshadow and flick of lipstick can do.

Because watching Disney isn't enough - we want to look like the characters too! 

Here's how you can achieve the Disney look with makeup alone, without looking like you've hit the fancy dress box! 

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The White Queen

Bold lips isn't always best. Try a more neutral red for a look like the White Queen in Alice in Wonderland



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Take inspiration from good old Goofy by using a bronze eyeshadow for the top eyelid and a gold eyeshadow for underneath your eye. Be bold and opt for a brown lip - but make sure you highlight your nose and cheekbones to make sure you don't get a sunken look. 

Daisy Duck


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If you want to achieve a fun look, Daisy's pink and purple look will work for you! Make sure that you break up the block colours with some eyeliner - the big eyelashes are not necessary! 



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Who says that you have to take inspiration from the goodies? The bad guys can look just as great! If you're feeling dark and bold, opt for a daring, deep blue, metallic lipstick.

Princess Tiana

Princess Tiana's clean cut, stripped back look can totally be achieved at home. It's all about the subtle colour added to the lips.



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Okay so you don't have to go for the whole rams-horns-on-the-head thing but you can use purples to give you a Maleficent look. Don't overdo it though, you don't want to look like you've got a black eye. And a choker to complete the look.

Snow White 


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If you're naturally pale and there's no amount of fake tan that can save you, then why not embrace it and go for a bright red lipstick instead. 



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The key to the Elsa look is to not over do it. Pale pinks are a must. 

Happy transforming!