No7 launches Foundation Match Made Service

No7 launches a groundbreaking device today that determines the correct skin shade and tone

Buying the correct foundation can be a challenge. It's not always easy to determine one's true skin tone and colour simply by trying a product in store.
What's more, many women check the colour of their foundation on their hands rather than on the face, making it easy to get the wrong shade.

No7 have come to the rescue and have created a device that determines the correct shades.
This hand-held gadget is rested against the jaw to assess your skin's exact tone, lightness, colour saturation and reveal your true shade.

Once your shade has been determined, a consultant will also advise on the best No7 foundation for your skin needs.

All the shades of the No7 foundations have been reformulated too, to match the No7 skin-true shade and the colour palette is available across all of the No7 foundations. From Beautifully Matte Foundation to Lift & Luminate Foundation, you can find your shade across all of the No7 range.

The No7 Foundation Match Made Service is available in 668 stores nationwide and over 1000 Boots advisers have been specially trained to use the hand-held device and follow up with a consultation.

What's more, the service is free and there's no obligation to purchase any products.

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