Slimming leggings are a hit with the stars

Dannii Minogue and Mel C fans of Proskin slim wear

A pair of leggings that promises to improve circulation, slim and tone has proved so popular with celebrities and the public alike that shops momentarily ran out of stock.

Brand Proskin has created a line of leggings, capri trousers, shorts and tops that help to slim down thanks to caffeine, aloe vera, vitamin E, retinol and ceramides.

The line contains micro-capsules of caffeine which stimulates circulation and blood flow and promotes fat destruction. Topical application can reduce fat content in cells by blocking phospheisterase, an enzyme that inhibits fat breakdown.

Retinol and aloe vera moisturise and tone the skin.

Dannii Minogue was recently photographed wearing the leggings whilst Mel C uses them to exercise.
"I find the leggings very comfortable to train in" said the former Spice Girl.

Price for the items start at as little as just over £20 and are available in several stores, including Tesco and Next.

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