Study reveals that women age better than men

Two thirds of girls think they look better than their partners

According to a research carried out by Yves Saint Laurent's new skincare line, Forever Youth Liberator, women are finally looking younger than their partners.

For years the female of the species has been told she was aging faster than her male counterpart, but things have changed at last.

These days women don't feel they've started to look older until the age of 46, unlike men who feel weathered at 44.

'We wanted to discover the age at which men and women most widely consider to be the point of aging' said a spokesperson for Yves Saint Laurent 'There has always been an assumption that women are more susceptible to age faster than men. But this research shows that this stereotype is changing.
'Women have always been much more aware of the aging process and as a result this may mean they are making provisions that men aren't.
'Females have had it drummed in to them about the effects that things like smoking, sun exposure and a bad diet can have on their skin and overall appearance, so perhaps women are taking action to fight the signs of aging.' concluded the YSL spokesperson.