Best of the Beauty Blogs

Each week Heart brings you the finest selection of what our favourite beauty bloggers have been writing about.

This week Kenneth Soh creates a "glowy burnished" look for dark skin using model Philomena on his blog Musings Of A Make-Up Artist. He says: "I adore doing make-up on anyone but have a soft spot for doing make-up on black women. The texture of the skin, features and colours is so different from other skin colours and as a result, you can do things that wouldn't look as dramatic."

Louise from Get Lippie is getting in the festive mood and loving Christmas candles. She blogs about her favourites from Melt.

Pixiwoo blog about the new spring collection from Dior. Sam and Nic Chapman, the girls behind Pixiwoo, write: "Dior never fails to deliver awesome palettes to get you through the season. For Spring 2013 Cherie bow is the collection. A feminine, pinkie soft blend of colours embossed with a hound’s-tooth print on the shadows."

Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends talks through her favourite winter perfumes with the help of some giant fragrance bottles. Talking about her video, below, she says: "It’s actually supposed to be a Christmas Gift Guide for fragrance-buying, but the most frequently asked question thus far has been: 'OH MY GOD WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE GIANT BOTTLES?' (Answer: they are on loan. I’m hoping that the kind lenders might forget about them so that I can always have them in my backgrounds, but I get the feeling that’s not going to happen."